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Green Landscaping Adds Green Value
Green Landscaping
(ARA) - Thinking of selling your home? Sprucing up your yard will help get buyers attention and can add up to 15 percent to its value. It may even be the difference between a potential buyer and a drive-away. Want to hear more?

Michelle Dawson, realtytimes.com, notes Mark S. Henry of the Department of Agriculture and Applied Economics at Clemson University found that excellent landscaping added 4 to 5 percent to the value of a good home. In addition, homes with poor landscaping in the same neighborhoods as those with excellent landscaping sold for 8 to 10 percent less.

What tips can you follow to add value of your home? Several sources are available: ask a friend who has landscaping experience, visit your local nursery to discover what is popular in your area and,look around your neighborhood to determine the style of landscape that is being used.

Now, how do your proceed?

* Fertilize your lawn so it has eye-popping deep, green color. Use a high iron fertilizer like Milorganite 6-2-0 to get this deep, green color.
* Clean up all debris. Cut down and remove tall weeds.
* Trim trees and shrubs. Remove dead branches. Employ an arborist to safely trim trees that are beyond your capability.
* When choosing new trees and shrubs, look for those that fit your property. Don’t cover windows with shrubs.
* Plant colorful annuals.

How can you do all this in an environmentally green manner? You can start by using a goof-proof fertilizer such as Milorganite 6-2-0. According to Mike Archer, market development for Milorganite, “Use a fertilizer that gives you goof proof results.  Milorganite fertilizers contain no salts; therefore they won’t burn or streak your lawn.  Plus, Milorganite’s high iron gives you a deep, green, eye-catching color. This is without your lawn needing excessive water or mowing.”

Several tips can help you decide what landscaping will work best. First, pick plants that are low maintenance. Plants that are native to your area will take weather extremes in stride. Pick shrubs and trees that physically fit the area. This will lessen the need for pruning. Pick plants that have interest for several seasons. One shrub that fits this requirement is the red twig dogwood. Red twig produces abundant flowers in late spring and bright red bark that contrasts with snow in the winter. Choose flowering shrubs that produce berries that birds enjoy.

Adding value to your home is not difficult. You can also be Green while doing so. In fact, being Green in your yard care not only is good for the environment, but it also tends to be goof proof, which is important during the stressful time of selling your home. For more on goof proof Milorganite fertilizers, check out www.milorganite.com.

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Green Landscaping Adds Green Value