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Engineering- link partners lists engineering related websites that exchange reciprocal and swap links with our site.
ENSYS Engineering Training
Founded in 1990, with over 150,000 courses sold, ENSYS is a leading training provider of  engineering licensure training programs, engineering licensure renewal and engineering continuing education.
Webbusterz Engineering Software
Engineering software solutions for engineering students and professionals. Free software demo and presentations provided.
Maritime Engineers - Western Australia
Maritime Engineers provides ship surveys and marine engineering consultancy services to the maritime industry. The company is based in Fremantle, Western Australia.
“By limiting itself to strident articulations of the pure architectural elements of space, structure and program, modern architecture's expression has become a dry expressionism, empty and boring - and in that end irresponsible. Ironically, the modern architecture of today, while rejecting explicit symbolism and frivolous applique ornament, has distorted the whole building into one big ornament. In substituting 'articulation' for decoration, it has become a duck.”

Robert Ventrui
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